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Where Male-Reader-Inserts rule.
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Homecoming Banner... with Pokemon! by kawaii-panda-sama Homecoming Banner... with Pokemon! :iconkawaii-panda-sama:kawaii-panda-sama 3 2
Hetalia Meme - Finished!
~Hetalia Meme~
1. Set your music player on shuffle.
2. Answer each question with the shown song.
3. You cannot skip.
4. Give me credit and link it to me, please!
K.P.S.: I put one piece of the ly
:iconkawaii-panda-sama:kawaii-panda-sama 0 1
Mature content
Music Meme for Writers: Hetalia Axis Powers! :iconkawaii-panda-sama:kawaii-panda-sama 10 7
Ouran High School Host Club Meme! ORIGINAL

Number some characters 1 through 12.
To do this, think of anyone you can from OHSHC(normal students, parents, adults, etc.). If you can't think of enough, feel free to use an OC or two.


1. One morning, you are rudely woken up by your accursed phone ringing nonstop. You try to ignore it but it just keeps going. After several horrible minutes of this, you answer. It's #9 and they say in an urgent tone that they need to hide out at your house for a few days. What's happening?
2. You're out at the mall just window shopping when you see #3 standing in the middle of a lingerie store. Is this… a bit weird?
3. #2 and #7 just walked up to you and told you "Get your passport; it's time for a trip!" Where do you think you're going to go?
4. You are at Ouran Academy and it's time for class. You sit down at your desk which is directly next to the window. #4 sits behind you and #1 is
:iconkawaii-panda-sama:kawaii-panda-sama 26 29
Hetalia-High Fill-in Challenge!
Number your favorite Hetalia characters in no particular order, 1 through 10.
1. It's time for school and you're just about ready to go. Just then, someone knocks on your door so that you two can walk to the bus stop together. It's #5! How do you greet each other this fine morning?
2. Once you get to the bus stop you are tackled from behind in a tight glomp by #8. Is this a glomp that you shall return or no?
3. Finally, the freaking bus is here. Once you step on though, #2 drags you into the seat next to them so that #9 doesn't sit next to them. Do you have any idea what's going on up with those two?
4. The bus ride to school was… "interesting" but you're glad to finally be at school. How look, #3 is by you're locker waiting for you! You have to get your books for class, so is this good or bad?
5. With your books in hand, you make your way over to your usual meeting place to see your friends before class. #1, #4 and #
:iconkawaii-panda-sama:kawaii-panda-sama 58 108
America/AlfredXReader - The Amazing Spider-Alfred!

: The Amazing Spider-Alfred

: Hetalia Axis powers

: America/Alfred F. Jones X Reader

: Alfred wanted to see the new Spiderman movie with you, how sweet! Oh, and he wants to see it in 3D.

Fluff, Human names used, maybe some mature language? Idk. And this was not beta-read.

: I do not own you, Hetalia,'The Amazing Spiderman(2012)' or anything else.

(_Name_) means well, your name…
You grunted sleepily as Alfred draped his lanky, heavy, body over your blanket covered form. "(_Naaammmeee_)! Get uuuupppp!" He wrapped one arm around your half-awake self, snuggling into your back. His voice was whiny and loud in your ear. "Let's go to the moviiieeessss!"
Gracelessly, you tried to shove him away as you rubbed the sleep from your eye. "No Alfred, I'm sleeping…" With an incredible about of nonchal
:iconkawaii-panda-sama:kawaii-panda-sama 68 47
Mature content
America/2p!AmericaxReader - Nails in My Heart Ch.2 :iconkawaii-panda-sama:kawaii-panda-sama 145 107
Hey look, it's my face. by kawaii-panda-sama Hey look, it's my face. :iconkawaii-panda-sama:kawaii-panda-sama 1 28
'Our' - A poem from Arthur/UK to Alfred/US
WARNING: Yaoi is you squint and amateur writing.
Do not let our distance fool you.
When I insult your land
They are all based  on facts, from which
I have found out firsthand.
Your home is "The Land of the Free"
but is dull next to mine…
But, your skyscrapers and beaches -
I guess, are all still fine.
Your food still needs a bit of work.
Earl Great tea against Coke?
But to say that yours is better-
makes you one funny bloke.
You stuff yourself with burgers, love
as I calmly sip my tea.
I cringe at the poor things you say -
and you giggle at 'blimey'.
But despite you being so loud,,
and that grease you call food -
I still somehow love you;
For OUR red, OUR white and OUR blue.
:iconkawaii-panda-sama:kawaii-panda-sama 2 2
Random Gurls Sketch - 1 by kawaii-panda-sama Random Gurls Sketch - 1 :iconkawaii-panda-sama:kawaii-panda-sama 1 13
~All That Glitters Is Mine~ KuzcoXOC - Chapter 1

: I do not own 'The Emperor's New Groove'. I only own Anita and family.

: Cursing. God I love to curse… wait… that's bad.
In the middle of the dark Peruvian Jungle, a young woman pushed and pulled her way through the thick leafs and colorful vines. Her delicate eyebrows pulled together in a off-putting expression that greatly expressed the lividness in her golden eyes.
"And I thought that he was a moron before? Well this- this really takes the cake." Anita grunted angrily as she violently pulled down the vines that were hanging inconveniently in front of her path. "How dare he say things like that and then just-just run off by himself?!" She screamed at no one. Not noticing the bits of flowers and leafs that had fallen into her curly dark brown hair, she continued to climb over rocks, and monstrous tree roots.
"When I find him I'm gonna wring his stupid, long, furry little-" And just when she thought that she couldn'
:iconkawaii-panda-sama:kawaii-panda-sama 6 4
Mature content
N.ItalyXMale!Reader - Pick Up and Sunglasses Part1 :iconkawaii-panda-sama:kawaii-panda-sama 106 88
With love, Nicole~ by kawaii-panda-sama With love, Nicole~ :iconkawaii-panda-sama:kawaii-panda-sama 4 11
AmericaXReader - Anywhere But Here SongficREQUEST
I thought that this song fit Alfred pretty well~ Plus its really cute. :3
Although it probably could have been a bit darker and angstier… oh well~

Human and country names used, and tons of fluff~

Is this the end of the moment or just a beautiful unfolding
Of a love that will never be or maybe be,
All of the countries were gathered in their usual conference room, waiting for the meeting to take place to discuss the most recent struggles, achievements, findings and or losses. And America was sitting at the long table, bored stiff. He just wanted to tell everyone his awesomely heroic ideas and then go home to play video games. But no, he just had to be one of the last countries to present. Lame.
Alfred shrugged to himself and took another large bite of his Double-Quarter-Pounder with Cheese. At least he had his burgers to occupy him.
"Excuse me everyone," England called to the entire room from the doors,
:iconkawaii-panda-sama:kawaii-panda-sama 45 35
2P!America for my fangirly pleasure by kawaii-panda-sama 2P!America for my fangirly pleasure :iconkawaii-panda-sama:kawaii-panda-sama 26 24
Mature content
Bully!2P!CanadaXNerd!Reader-Canadian Bully-REQUEST :iconkawaii-panda-sama:kawaii-panda-sama 306 179


Pisces Tattoo Design 1 by Vampirainbow Pisces Tattoo Design 1 :iconvampirainbow:Vampirainbow 7 0 Disney Genderbend - Pocahontas by Bisho-s Disney Genderbend - Pocahontas :iconbisho-s:Bisho-s 2,315 161 Colored sketch VER. - Esmeralda gender swap! by xMarsXXX Colored sketch VER. - Esmeralda gender swap! :iconxmarsxxx:xMarsXXX 703 63 (Gift) SCV Maxine Goof by TychoTMA-1 (Gift) SCV Maxine Goof :icontychotma-1:TychoTMA-1 7 3 Out of water by sakimichan Out of water :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 37,446 1,950 kickthepj by biophosphoric kickthepj :iconbiophosphoric:biophosphoric 36 5 Various Female Anime+Manga Hairstyles by Elythe Various Female Anime+Manga Hairstyles :iconelythe:Elythe 4,524 489 Pitch/Jack - Have a Sweet Nightmare by Breetroad Pitch/Jack - Have a Sweet Nightmare :iconbreetroad:Breetroad 2,433 253 In the sea by SquChan In the sea :iconsquchan:SquChan 4,990 317 Hip Study - Second Revision Alpha by Ecchi-Senshi Hip Study - Second Revision Alpha :iconecchi-senshi:Ecchi-Senshi 3,909 311 Elric Brothers (watercolor) by lolbenjo Elric Brothers (watercolor) :iconlolbenjo:lolbenjo 321 53 i dont think it isssss... by pistachioZombie i dont think it isssss... :iconpistachiozombie:pistachioZombie 374 37 Princess Peach by Darkness1999th Princess Peach :icondarkness1999th:Darkness1999th 820 70 +Aaire - King of underground+ by goku-no-baka +Aaire - King of underground+ :icongoku-no-baka:goku-no-baka 5,641 178 Haruhi Fujioka Cosplay by BBChild Haruhi Fujioka Cosplay :iconbbchild:BBChild 174 128



Ashley, yo~
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
[Put this on your channel if you role-play]

I love writting Fan Fiction and equally enjoy drawing OC's to go along with them.

Current Residence: Jacksonville, Florida
Favourite genre of music: I tollerate all music. :3
MP3 player of choice: A working one
Favourite cartoon character: Currently: Kazuma from Summer Wars
Personal Quote: "You are only young once, but you can stay immature indefinitely." - Anonymous

:iconbeautifulalfieplz: :iconishipthemsohardplz:

STAMP: A Writer's Suffering by Ellamenopea:thumb300504631: Dramallamas by RandomStamps

Journal History

  • Watching: 'Cry Plays...' and 'RoosterTeeth'
  • Drinking: Water
I am officially on hiatus.

I have fallen off of the 'Hetalia-Wagon' and I'm on to trying new things(I'm starting to write Fanfiction on Tumblr).

This is honestly the first time in like, a month or so that I have checked my DA account.

Maybe one day I'll come back. Maybe I wont.

Feel free to still message me because eventually I'll see it.

I love you all and I'm sorry to leave you all hanging like this.

I hope you shall forgive me...




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